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The Brigitte Scarf

After finishing my Delphine skirt, I had a bit of fabric left over so I decided to make a matching scarf. My leftover fabric wasn’t big enough to make a 6”x25.5” piece on the fold as Tilly suggested in Love at First Stitch, so I made two 6”x20” pieces on the fold and sewed them together before following the rest of the steps.photo (1)

One of the biggest things Tilly talks about in her book is to make things your own so thats just what I did! I have thick hair and a rather large head so I think adding extra length makes it fit me better anyway.

Doesn’t the scarf look cute with my Coco top? I love to wear all of my Tilly and the Buttons pieces together! 🙂

This was a really quick make but just as satisfying as a larger project. It may be “just a headband” but it really brings my whole outfit together. One of my co-workers commented the day I wore this outfit that my style is very much MY style and without the headband I don’t think this outfit would have been as me.

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