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Summer Staple Spree Recap

With today being the first full day of the 2014 Autumnal Equinox (I’ve never heard fall called that before and thought it was extra classy!), here is my summer staple spree recap. Each make that has been blogged about already is linked.

On my quest to make more everyday garments, my final tally of staple pieces for the summer of 2014 is 20. Here are the garments in alphabetical order because hey, why not!

Aqua funnel neck Coco

Arizona Leggings

Bamboo Circle Skirt

Chevron Leggings

Coral Coco

Cotton + Steel Mortmain

Deer and Doe high waisted shorts

Delphine Skirt and Matching Brigette head band

Emmy Grace Anna Dress

Grey Coco

Hawthorn Dress

Navy Coco

Ultimate Trousers

Pavot Jphoto (23)acket (post coming soon but let me leave you with this fab picture!)

Polka Dot Elisalex

Portrait Blouse

Slash Neck Anna

Stripped Contrast yoke Coco

Turquoise Chevron Coco

Winged Moneta Dress

I know the point was to make pieces for everyday wear but I had to throw in a few dresses because for me, dresses are everyday wear, especially for work.

Something I learned towards the beginning of July is that even though skirts and trousers present more outfit opportunities, they are not typical staple pieces for me. I’m a dress gal and once I decided to stop making things that I thought I “needed” I ended up making a lot of dresses that have become staples. You might buy a good Tshirt in 5 colors where I’d prefer a good dress in 5 colors. I have a few dress patterns that I love to work with and would wear everyday so that makes them staples to me.

Something else that I realized was the versatility of a pattern. My long sleeved Elisalex might not be good for everyday wear but take away the sleeves and the tulip skirt and I have my favorite bodice that can be coupled with different skirts for completely different looks. The same thing goes for my Betty, simply removing the horse hair braid I added to the original pattern and it’s suddenly a very different look.

I also worked on a few unselfish sewing projects this summer that I hope become staple pieces for the recipients!

Other than 20 great makes I also learned a lot about my relatively new sewing machine. Like any good relationship, my sewing machine and I have gone through a few different stages over the last 6 months. Like a new boyfriend, we acted very shy with one another in the beginning and have been opening up as we go.

I sewed a few simple items and she gave me no trouble at all. Now that we know each other a little better I’m taking on more challenging patterns and she’s un threading and breaking needles without warning. I’m afraid to see what happens when we get to the engagement and wedding stage.

In all seriousness, the summer staple spree was great because I not only made myself a lot of clothing to wear on a regular basis but I became much better acquainted with my Pfaff in the process.

When I realized the summer was coming to a close and my spree would have to come to an end I did some research and found some patterns that I think will become FALL Staples so it looks like I’ll just be sewing up a storm every season! Be on the lookout for these beauties.

bodysuit-technical drawings White_Russian_tech_drawing_medium

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