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Vintage Pattern Pledge 2015

During 2015, I, Carolanne Donovan, will sew up at least six of my vintage or reproduction sewing patterns.  

I have a whole range of vintage patterns and reproductions so ideally for this challenge the OCD in me would commit to a coat, shirt, skirt, dress, pants and under things just to try a variety of different garments, but since I’m medicated now my love of pretty dresses may prevail. I’ve been wanting to try this reproduction again in a print with the matching over skirt,fun fact, I actually tried to make the over skirt when I first got this pattern many moons ago. I had no idea what “make two rows of basting stitches to gather the skirt” meant and my grandmother thought the skirt was too flashy so I didn’t want to ask her for help. My how things have changed! I also have a really cool 1960’s Vogue cape with toggles that I’ve been wanting to try, but can’t seem to find the right fabric. Its ironic because when I made the Milano cape I saw some faux-cashmere online and just knew it would be perfect but with the Vogue pattern, I don’t think a solid color will be good enough and no prints have called to me. Plus, now I already have a cape, does a girl really need two capes? Maybe bat girl, of super girl, but Carolanne?

I think this pledge is going to really kick me into gear to use my vintage pattern collection! I tend to ignore them in favor of new offerings or TNT’s. Sometimes I think I’m afraid to ruin them or that they won’t look good on me (there have been a few instances of this) but with the right alterations I’m sure I could make anything work.

I have two great ideas for the pledge to recreate outfits from the 50’s and 60’s using modern patterns and if these ideas pan out I will counting them towards my goal of 6 makes. Both of these modern patterns have vintage flair and you’ll understand when you see, but for now I’m keeping these ideas to myself.

I’m excited to get started! I chose 6 pieces because that means 1 make every other month, which seems entirely doable. However, since we are already into February I better get started. Stay tuned for the first item from my pledge to be on the blog later this month!


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